Owning our own business fuels the creativity and passion within us that has been untapped for many years until we founded Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engraving in 2016. We are all in, knee deep in it and love every moment. We work 7 days a week and very long hours. Most days, we don’t realize the hours we put in. We live and breathe it.

We have a 13 year old daughter. Her name is Madison and the Mad in Mad Tree comes from the first 3 letters of her name. She makes us so proud. We still have jobs in the corporate world and farming. We work so much that when we spend time with Madison, Tyler at her softball games, dinners at home or just in conversation about the drama at school, her boyfriend or what’s going on in her classes, we are 100% attentive and there in the moment.

So here’s hoping….we are hoping she realizes that our preciously finite energy is focused on what truly matters:
ensuring she knows she is wanted, loved, and loveable, no matter what
and that she benefits from having us as role models on how to live a rewarding life.

Of course, we have the guilt of being away from her or working long hours on the business. The reward is that we can give her a happier us. Fulfilling our passion is so rewarding that we hope it is contagious. Above all else, we hope we are serving as good role models for our girl.