Corinne came to us online with an intriguing design for a box. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we built her box to her exact specifications. Knowing she would be excited to see it, we emailed her several photos of it on ship day. At the same time, we asked her what she was going to use the box for.

Her response was “I use an electric wheelchair for mobility. I like having a lap desk that I can store things in for easy access. I have had trouble finding lap desks that aren’t too big and bulky, and most are made of cheap wood that falls apart quickly. I will put a pad on the bottom of the box and will use it as my new table.”

She shocked us with her reply! We had no idea the box we built would be used in this way and further thought, what a great idea! She designed the perfect lap desk!

We absolutely loved working with Corinne!

Our passion is to help our customs create a box better than they even imagined with great craftsmanship. We are proud to offer custom sizing options, timely and friendly communication and flexibility in terms of design with no added charges.