When Christy and Tyler started Mad Tree Woodcrafts® – a business based on their passion and talent for designing high-quality wooden products – they never imagined that their products would make it around the globe.

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box by Mad Tree Woodcrafts®What they discovered – thanks to having a business on the world wide web – is that no matter where someone lives in the world, what language they speak, or what their beliefs are – the idea of cherishing mementos is universal. Our wooden Keepsake Boxes have been shipped far and wide to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Guam, Ireland, Israel, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the UK.

Perhaps what makes the Keepsake Boxes different than others that are manufactured on a larger scale is that they are truly one-of-a-kind. Each box can be laser engraved (at no extra charge) with almost anything a person desires – photos, logos, poems, etc., The handcrafted boxes are made from solid wood with clean lines and are designed to last more than a lifetime. Shop our Keepsake Boxes here.


Wood Door Hanger signs by Mad Tree Woodcrafts®Our wooden Door Hanger Signs were originally designed as a fun and whimsical creative side to our wooden memory boxes. But as the world entered into a pandemic and working from home and schooling from home became the norm for many, our wooden Door Hanger Signs made their way around the world also! People use them for their front doors to ask not to be disturbed by neighbors or delivery services, or inside for their kids who are online for school or for parents who are working. Just like the Keepsake Boxes, the sayings on the Door Hanger Signs are completely customizable so we get to enjoy other people’s humor when we’re making them. View some of our “Do Not Disturb” signs here.


If you’re interested in ordering a Keepsake Box or Door Hanger Sign for yourself or for a friend on the other side of world, we are here to help you select and customize your product! Send an email with requests, questions, or share a story about your Mad Tree product to Christy. Reach out to Christy here.