“It’s beautiful. Its arrival opened up something in my husband that needed to be opened. So, thank you.”

Their son was born stillborn. Heartbreak. They found us online and ordered our Extra-Large Legacy Keepsake Box. We worked with them on the engraving. They received their box a few days ago and wrote this heartfelt review:

“This box is a beautifully made work of art. It is solid and gorgeous. You can tell that it was lovingly made. The lock is also of good construction. I am so glad we sprung for the upgrade. Furthermore, the owners of this shop are lovely, kindhearted folks who kept in contact during the crafting of this box as it was being made to house the most precious of contents. Thank you for providing a beautiful and safe home for my sons remains and mementos. It will be my most treasured possession. Keep doing what you love.”

Memories are so precious, so it makes sense to keep them in a way that we can celebrate them.

Some common mementos to keep in a Baby Keepsake Memory Box are:

  • a lock of hair
  • baby book
  • baby scan photos
  • hospital wristband
  • newspaper clipping from the day your baby was born
  • specific items that mean a lot such as a toy, blanket or outfit

We suggest that you do not place anything in your keepsake memory box that triggers a bad memory.