Different Types of Joinery Explained by Mad Tree Woodcrafts

April 30, 2019Keepsake Memory Boxes

Joinery is defined as the methods or techniques used to connect pieces of wood. As defined by Wikipedia, joinery is the part of woodworking that involves joining together pieces of wood to produce more complex items. Key characteristics of wooden joints are strength, flexibility, toughness and appearance. Different woodcrafters prefer different types of joinery for … Read More

Family Keepsake Box Gift

February 26, 2019Keepsake Memory Boxes

This client found us online looking for a 36th Birthday present for her boyfriend. She was looking for a box for him to store his family keepsakes.  She asked that we engrave his initials in the bottom left corner. I love her selection of font and the simplicity of the engraving she asked for.  The … Read More

The Story Behind the Box

February 21, 2019Custom Woodcrafts

Corinne came to us online with an intriguing design for a box. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we built her box to her exact specifications. Knowing she would be excited to see it, we emailed her several photos of it on ship day. At the same time, we asked her what … Read More