One of our favorites so far – we are affectionately calling our client Grandma Danielle. She was great to call, email and even text us with her order preferences. Grandma Danielle knew exactly what she wanted for her granddaughter Delaney’s Graduation Gift.

She texted us her laser engraving ideas – hand-drawn by her and heartfelt by us. We presented Danielle with 3 options. She selected the one we knew her granddaughter would love.

She was so excited, keeping us posted with her travels to Georgia from Florida for Delaney’s graduation and texted us photos of both her and Delaney upon her arrival.  Wow, we felt as if we were a part of the family and we felt so close to Danielle, as if we had known her our entire lives. Her heart is huge and her memories of her times with Delaney growing up, the artwork they did together and fun times they had all became so apparent in her wishes for this very special box.

Personalized Keepsake Box with Lock

In Danielle’s words: “Oh My Goodness! I hardly know where to begin. My granddaughter graduated High School, and I had some very special requests. I ordered the large keepsake box with tray insert/ lock with key. The craftsmanship is exquisite! Christy worked closely with me to achieve the design I wanted. I’m so happy!!! I cannot express how beautiful this Keepsake is, definitely a family heirloom. We love just opening and closing the box because it smells so good; the fresh wood scent. Oh my goodness…the entire ordering process (so professional), the communication, the packaging… what a delight!!! But my Granddaughter’s smile and hug … Priceless. Thank You Mad Tree from the bottom of my heart.”