Joinery is defined as the methods or techniques used to connect pieces of wood. As defined by Wikipedia, joinery is the part of woodworking that involves joining together pieces of wood to produce more complex items.

Key characteristics of wooden joints are strength, flexibility, toughness and appearance.

Different woodcrafters prefer different types of joinery for their products and much of it is driven by time spent making the product which ultimately determines price points. Joinery is definitely an art and many woodcrafters may have differing opinions on which is best.

In our opinion, Miter Joints with Corner Splines, Dovetail and Box Joinery are the strongest, toughest, most durable joints.

For our products, our signature look can be defined as timeless, versatile and clean lines. To follow suit with this look, we use strong, tough and durable Miter Joints with Corner Splines.

If you drop a box made with less durable joinery such as Butt Joints, Half Lap or Miter Joints without the corner splines, the box is likely to burst apart the second it hits the ground. These types of joinery offer a lower price point because there is less time involved in the construction of the product and the products are not as durable.

There are all different price points for wood products. Next time you are shopping or even looking around your own home, pay attention to the joinery! This will give you an idea of the quality, longevity and time spent making your purchases!