Life is full of memories. As time passes, the memories slowly disappear, and what was, is lost in the void of time. Imagine, instead, if you could have a place to save those memories and to be able to look back on them years later.

Our keepsake boxes give a person a place to store all their most treasured mementos in one convenient location, allowing them to organize those special items that are most valuable.

Stories of the past

It often feels like the days are long and the years are short. Holding on to special mementos gives people a way to tell stories and embrace the nostalgia of a time long ago. Looking at keepsakes can be a wonderful family experience,  sharing in the joy of the past.

Your children

The first pictures they drew or their first letters telling you how much they love you often vanish without a trace during our lives. Imagine a place where you can hold your child’s most precious treasures and dreams. From drawings and small stuffed animals to toys and notes, the types and variety of items you can store in one of our keepsake memory boxes are infinite. The feeling of opening a stunning handcrafted engraved wooden box filled with the wonders of the past is priceless.

Pet memory boxes

Pet parents often look for a special place to store some of their beloved pet’s favorite toys, collar, tags, and perhaps their bowls, leash, and some favorite photos. Occasionally, pet parents have an inking or clay mold of their pet’s paw print and a tuft of their pet’s fur. These keepsakes will help keep your pet close to you after they have passed. In addition, you can add a removable tray to any of our boxes for the smaller items. We can engrave our boxes with names, dates, pawprints, photos, or almost anything you can dream up.

Your travels

A keepsake box is perfect for storing your travel memories. Years later, one can open and bring back the memories of days long past. Everything from tickets, pictures, maps, mementos, pamphlets, and souvenirs fit perfectly into our larger keepsake boxes.


Our keepsake memory boxes serve as an excellent way for couples to look back at the beginning of their relationship. Nothing rekindles one’s love like looking back on their first date, wedding, honeymoon, and other important life events. An evening spent around one of our keepsake boxes makes for a beautiful date.

Disaster preparedness

We never know when disaster will strike or when we will have to leave our homes in a hurry. What would you take if you only had a moment to grab your most priceless possessions? Where are those possessions? Our keepsake memory boxes allow one to consolidate their most treasured keepsakes in one convenient place.

Tangible vs. Digital

It is easy to record our lives digitally. Yet, digital pictures can disappear all too easily. Time has a way of making one forget where all their images are stored. A digital photograph is a great way to save your special memories, but memories that you can interact with are priceless. No matter how many digital photos one has, nothing compares to having real tangible memories that you can touch and hold.

Keepsakes remind us of the past. Opening one of our keepsake memory boxes will make you smile every time. They make an excellent gift for loved ones. It is a joy to slow down and enjoy a piece of the past. Let us create for you or your loved ones a place where memories are kept alive.