Custom wood keepsake boxes are such a beautiful and special way to honor and remember the treasured things you love.

We make and custom engrave keepsake boxes of all sizes for so many occasions, including:

Anniversaries, Weddings, Gifts, Graduations, Memorials, and Travel Mementos

One of our wonderful customers inspired this post.

As we worked together, she shared with us what she was going to put in the XL Keepsake Memory Box that she ordered from us. Both of her parents passed away within a few months of each other and she wanted a special keepsake box to store her treasured memories. The box will be storing her treasured memory items including:

  • All of the ankle bracelets that her dad saved that were made from each child
  • One of her mom’s ID bracelets from one of her children’s births
  • A shaving brush her father used all the time
  • An airplane-size bottle of her father’s favorite whiskey
  • Paper dolls her mother made in the 1040s
  • A tiny tea party set
  • Special letters her mom wrote to her while she was at Girl Scout Camp
  • An invitation to her parent’s wedding
  • One of her mother’s lipsticks
  • Her mother’s famous oatmeal cookie recipe
  • Her father’s diploma from law school
  • A Christmas ornament her mom made for her when she was a kid

We invite you to shop our keepsake boxes and custom woodcrafts to store your special treasures in a truly treasurable box.