Christy and Tyler, owners and founders of Mad Tree Woodcrafts®, have created hundreds of custom wood keepsake boxes for people around the world. The boxes are lovingly and exceptionally handcrafted by Tyler, while Christy works directly with the customer to ensure that the custom engraving is exactly what they had in mind.

MadTree Personalized Memorial Keepsake Box

The keepsake boxes are personalized using a laser engraver. A message, poem, initials, logo or even a photo or drawing can be engraved on the box in a variety of places, such as on the lid, inside the lid, on the front or any of the sides of the box. Most of the engraving requests come to Christy via email so she uses her artistic eye to give suggestions on font, placement, and size of the engraving. All customers receive a digital proof prior to any work being done.

If you’ve ever had an interaction with Christy, you will be swept up by her enthusiasm and genuineness which comes through strongly, even over email! Christy’s caring and warmness have led to many customers confiding to her very touching personal stories of why they’re ordering a custom keepsake box. Perhaps it’s to celebrate a couple who is getting married, or for parents who are celebrating a 50th anniversary, or for a teenage girl to store her precious mementos (adding a lock and key on the box is an option!), or for someone who has lost a loved one and would like a place to keep photos and reminders of that special person. Christy has heard stories that have brought her laughter, joy, and tears.

MadTree Keepsake Boxes Christy

If you’re looking for a gift to honor that special person or for yourself, consider these one-of-a-kind personalized keepsake boxes. They are made using solid wood, are available in different wood combinations, come in three sizes, and can be custom engraved (at no additional charge). Tyler coats them three times with Arm-R-Seal Oil-Based Urethane Topcoat to ensure that the box is durable and long-lasting. Unlike other items that are mass-manufactured, Christy and Tyler are personally involved with each order from beginning to end. They want to make sure the keepsake box you receive – or your gift recipient receives – is exceptional, and Christy’s excellent customer service throughout the process is an added bonus.

If you have questions, custom order requests, or simply want to share a Mad Tree Woodcrafts® story about your keepsake box, reach out to Christy here.